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Setting Up A Company Website  - What web companies don't explain to you!!

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Have a Web Company Build Your Website
To often people try to save money by having friends or relatives or their photographer build their website, but in the long run it may cost you money, lost revenue because you can't be found by the search engines, and what about when it comes time to update your website where are they, busy... doing a photo shoot or maybe they have just moved on. Now you have no idea how to login to your hosting, how to access your domain and how to update your site.

You should have hired a professional.

Your domain name 1st and most important! (http://yourdomainname.com)
When a web company registers your domain make sure that it is in your name with your email address and you are able to login to where your domain is registered, if there name is on the administrative and billing contact that is fine, but your info should be the main information.

I can't even tell you how many of my clients come to me and have no idea how to access their domain, and to get access to it from their current web company becomes a long and tedious nightmare.

Your company name and contact information should be the main information listed for your domain!

Business cards, marketing materials, sometimes vehicles have your domain name on them, you loose your domain name and a lot of money goes down the drain.

If the company that does have control of your domain name goes out of business, or you have a falling out with them or they just simply stop replying to your emails, this could spell big trouble. Basically if you don't have control of your domain name you are at the mercy of the company that does, and whoever has login access to the domain name controls it.

Building a Good Clean Site
Using programs like DreamWeaver or Fireworks to build your site is not going to give you a clean search engine friendly site, the naming conventions for files and mouse over events are hideous, pity the developer that has to go into a site and try to fix something, not to mention that Fireworks builds mostly image based sites, very bad for search engines you need text that the bots can crawl.

Flash websites are costly to develop and maintain, they have no value to search engines and the software to build them is costly as well. You will need a specialized web developer to build these type of sites. If you are a graphic artist or a company that is artistic by all means, but you will pay and pay and pay again when you have a flash website.

Web Companies That Hold you Hostage
Ok your site is built what's next?

Be vary careful who you hire to create your website, I actually had a client come to me because they needed some edits done to their site and their current company kept putting them off and over a year had gone by and they wanted to edit their site.

I tried to get in touch with that company and they told me that this client didn't own their website, well I said what???? They paid you for the website... what do you mean they don't own the site, he said it would have cost them more to own their site, quite frankly I was dumb founded.

No Explanation

I asked did you tell them in the beginning in order to own their website they would have to pay more, he said no, I asked him at anytime did you ever tell them that they didn't own their website if you built it, of course the answer was no, this person was grasping at straws and wanted to extort some money out of his client, because he knew the client was serious about having something done.

There was never anything in their agreement that said they didn't own it and he wasn't giving them access to the site, he clearly and honestly told me that he never informed them of this, so we simply copied the website and hosted it on Around KW's servers, I emailed him and informed him that they were no longer hosting with him and that when the year term was up for their hosting he could delete the site off his server, this started another battle, we never even asked for a refund of the 4 months hosting that wasn't going to be used.

Why did it have to be that hard for that client to simply update their site, they gave him the chance to do it, he put them off, then when they wanted some action he tried to extort them, and put up road blocks at every turn.

I have many other stories about clients trying to get information out of their current companies just to have work done on THEIR WEBSITE, so be very careful who you choose to build your site, get all the information upfront about what is yours how to access it and how the edit process works. Make sure that they are a registered company that has a proven track record, observe how their customer service works by phoning a few times and make sure you can actually phone them and speak to someone.

Search Engine Optimization & Placement
    Search engine placement is the only reason to have a website built, our clients are at the top of the search engines not by their "Company Name" but by there product or service, after all when someone is searching the web they don't know your company name, they DO know what product or service they want.
Make sure that the company that develops your website can give you concrete examples of their search engine placement for their clients, not by company name but by what they do.

Around Kitchener Waterloo has achieved the highest search engine placement for all our clients. Why have a website if no-one but you and your developer knows how to get to it.

This is a concrete example:
Search customs brokers Fort Erie in Google and Yahoo
P. Mines and Peninsula both our clients
Google - 1 and 2
Yahoo - 1 and 2

Search courier logistics hauling Ontario
Yahoo - 1 through 6 are all our clients or our sites
Google - 1 through 6 are all our clients or our sites

Search free business directory waterloo
Around KW our site
Google or Yahoo the placement is Number 1

Search kitchener waterloo web hosting or kitchener waterloo hosting
Our site is number 1 in google and yahoo

Choose your hosting company wisely! Are you sharing your server with high hundreds or thousands of other websites, and how can you find out if you will be?

Your hosting company no doubt has a website and portfolio, if they offer hosting look in there portfolio and pick out a site or use their website as an example and go to this link type in the domain name, look for the heading DomainTools Exclusive then look for Reverse IP: xxx other sites hosted on this server, this tells you how many other sites are hosted on that server.

Why you may ask, why is this important?
Well if there are many hundreds or thousands of sites on that server any one of those people hosting can be using scripts or sending out spam email, this can effect your email sending and your websites stability.

People spamming on your server are using the same IP address as you and your email may be blacklisted from other servers because of them.

Another point is if any one of the other clients on that server has a run away script it can take down the whole server including your site; everything the other sites on that server do effects your website. To check and see if the hosting companies server is blacklisted go to these links below, you must know the IP address of the server (explained below as well)


To find out the IP Address of a server you want to check if it is blacklisted use this link from above, then type in the domain name and look for the heading that says Server Data, then look for the line that says IP Address: next to it you will see the domains IP address, then you can go to the two links above and check and see if the server is blacklisted for spamming.


Click here to read an article on overselling - (opens in a new window)

This can be the biggest mistake you make when hosting your companies website, beware of companies that offer:

  • 500 GB storage space
  • 2000 GB file transfer
  • for 3.95 a month.

They are doing what is called overselling you are the one that pays in the end, with lousy site performance, site down time and email problems.

This is the IP lookup for one such company
Reverse IP: 794 other sites hosted on this server

They are doing what is called overselling.

What this company is doing is counting on the fact that they have lured you in with all this space at a cheap price, but you are not going to use the space or bandwidth, so when they actually get a few accounts that do use considerable amounts of space and bandwidth, believe me out of 794 sites a few are using large amounts of space and your website will pay for it.

What happens is your website is slow, you have a hard time logging in to make changes, you may have problems with email sending and receiving, then you have to deal with their technical support staff and it just becomes a hosting nightmare.


When Chad Comes Calling - the name is purely fictitious
You have a website already, but you want to expand your advertising so you look into other venues, maybe Radio, Newspaper, local publications, etc etc. You call a company and they send out their slick sales person to talk to you... remember their job is to get you to sign up at all costs right it's sales, you called and they have answered.

It is the same as having your website built but a lot more expensive $$$$$ and it is a onetime or package deal for so many slots. Remember your website is for life and it is 24/7 as long as you pay the hosting and domain renewal every year which is usually under $200.00 a YEAR.

Make this slick sales person work for your business, have him give you concrete examples of business gained by his type of advertising... I mean have him show you a company that has made cold hard cash $$$ from the type of advertising they are trying to sell you. Ask to speak with some of the businesses advertising with them. You would get a reference from a contractor why not get a reference from and advertiser alternative advertising is a one off it is played then done or on paper then gone.

Don't let Chad Sell You Something You Don't Need
If his advertising is so great why is he also trying to sell you a website.
Oh did he tell you he also knows someone that can create a new state of the art website for you, that will drive tons of traffic to your site, what a coincidence (do you think he is getting a cut to sell this as well by a web developer???) He is telling you that the code in your site isn't good, it needs to be cleaner your site isn't producing what it should, it isn't driving traffic to your business. Chad is defaming what could possibly be a good and honest web developers work, and he is also trying to get you to spend more money so he can have another commission sale on his trip to sell you alternative advertising. Ask Chad if his alternative advertising is so great why is he trying to sell you a website redesign? If he is selling you something ask him the hard questions about everything he is selling you it is your right to be informed and not lied to for a quick sale.

Chad may be costing you money you don't need to spend.

Ok first off think about this:

  • Does Chad have your business sales numbers NO
  • Has Chad looked at your web stats NO
  • Is Chad in the web design business NO
  • Is Chad just trying to sell you more options to make himself more money YES
  • Is Chad there to sell you a website NO
  • Does Chad know what it takes to build an effective website - I am guessing not.
  • Is Chad there to sell you...say radio, newspaper or local publications YES

Tell Chad to stick to what he does best and keep your money in your pocket not Chad's.

If you are in doubt about your current website, and unless the advertising company you are dealing with also builds websites, please give a few website developers a call to see if there is a general consensus about your site. I have had clients come to me and they have needed nothing more than a bit of clean up and a few fixes to their website and these were billed on a hourly rate. So why were they told by other companies that they needed a whole new site? This would have cost them money that they did not needed to spend.

Gary knows this from experience - he paid for expensive advertising
This name is not fictitious

The client below commenting about my service came to me with a website, he had been quoted outrageous prices advised his site was no good, he needed a redo, the code was awful... and it wasn't! I advised him to keep the current site, just clean up the code, do a few design fixes and take an interest in his site and he did, he use to pay thousands of dollars a year to industrial advertising directories, now his site generates more leads than those directories ever did, please read his comment below.

This is a comment from one of my clients QAM on the results of taking an interest in your website.
The past year has been quite an education about website design, optimization and maintaining the site. Since Kim Burnett, of Around KW, optimized my website in May of 2007 ( www.qamanage.com ) and with her continual education, my business has really taken off.

In today's environment, the old rules of promotion and advertising no longer apply. The days of spending big bucks for print and traditional promotion are gone. Marketing surveys show that 5 years ago over 90% of purchasing and information gathering was done from traditional and print media. Today, less than 4% is from that media, while 92% is from the internet. At QAM, we made the decision to cut all advertising budgets and spend a small fraction on a good and honest (these are hard to find) webmaster, such as Kim, and maintain the best possible website as our only means of promotion.

However, there is a catch to this. To be successful, in putting all our eggs in this basket, requires a lot of hands-on time maintaining the site. I can not rely on Kim to do this work. It is too extensive to expect her to do it. Also, I know my business better than anyone. By the way, I've been forced to learn a lot more in the past year. Therefore, I'm the best person to work the website under Kim's continual guidance. QAM pays her a retainer to have her on call. I must work closely with Kim, exchanging information on the current trends of SEO and applying it to the site. I am continually updating and enhancing my page content to make it user and search engine friendly. It requires a lot of time and effort but pays off in spades.

Gary Berwick
Quality Air Management
web-site: http://www.qamanage.com
phone: 1-800-267-5585
fax: 1-866-899-8954
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